Finish the surface roughness of the workpiece with metal polishing grinding wheel (emery wheel)

2019-07-27 163

First, from the polishing data grinding wheel technology analysis:

1. When the roughness of the dressing workpiece of the grinding wheel fails to meet the requirements, try to increase the rotation speed of the grinding wheel within the range of the grinding wheel speed to improve the surface roughness of the workpiece.On the other hand, it is also possible to try to reduce the speed of the grinding workpiece.The intention is to increase the speed of the grinding wheel relative to the workpiece.

2, when pressing the top of the method is not ideal, but also can reduce the longitudinal feed of the workpiece, in order to reduce the intensity of the grinding wheel bow and arrow, so as to prevent the large area of the workpiece burns.

3. In the grinding wheel operation process of grinding machine polishing data, the flow rate of cutting fluid and cooling fluid should also be tried to be controlled. Clean cutting fluid and cooling fluid should be used frequently to cut the pores of grinding wheel blocked by debris.

4, after the above several conditions are improved, such as the workpiece is still renders texture or short of workpiece roughness requirement is, that is about to the balance of grinding wheel precision, grinding the inversion precision of the spindle, the running smoothness of work station and adjust the stiffness of machine tool and the entire process system, the oscillation when cutting grinding.

Again, from the grinding wheel selection of polishing data:

For selecting suitable grinding wheel to grind the workpiece of grinding wheel, generally speaking,

Should choose and workpiece data affinity abrasive: workpiece data soft, sticky, should choose a hard abrasive;Choose soft abrasive tools when hard and brittle.

Select and use the grinding wheel with larger diameter for polishing data, increase the width of the grinding wheel, and the finer the grinding wheel granularity, all of which can reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece.

Finally, from the use of grinding wheel dressing diamond pen:

In the process of dressing the workpiece with grinding wheel, when the grinding wheel is being repaired, due to the selection of diamond pen with good wear resistance, suitable blade shape and installation view point, and reasonable grinding in accordance with technical science, it can make the abrasive cutting edge obtain outstanding contour and reduce the surface roughness.