Selection of diamond grinding wheel and answers to frequently asked questions (glass grinding wheel)

2019-07-27 170

The diamond grinding wheel sintered with metal alloy is commonly known as diamond wheel. The diamond part of diamond diamond wheel is called working layer, and the working layer is mostly the shape of ring, so it is also called working ring.Diamond particle diameter is commonly known as the size or mesh number.The round edge of the operating ring can touch the glass twice. The operating ring that is touched first is the front ring, and the part of the operating ring that is touched later is called the back ring.

Second, the grinding wheel matching skills and debugging

1. The replacement grinding wheel should be selected according to the original factory standard, such as 150 diameter grinding wheel cannot be exchanged with 175 diameter grinding wheel.

2. Select high-function grinding wheels. No. 1,2 and 3 functions should be the same.

3. The grain size connection of the grinding wheel is reasonable. In principle, the overall efficiency should be ensured.

4. Distribution can not only by ammeter swing or noise size and other experience debugging, should often back out of the glass to see the wear mark.The allowance ratio of no.1, no.2 and no.3 should be close to 7.5:2:0.52 grinding quantity should be controlled within 1mm.

5. The grinding wheel should choose the front and rear ring operation mode (that is, the swing Angle of the grinding wheel), the processing amount of the front and rear ring is close to 8:2, the grinding amount of the back ring should not be too large, should just evenly and finely cover the wear marks of the front ring, the direction of the front ring is opposite, the end face shape of the grinding wheel consumption should maintain the factory shape and point of view.

Iii. Common questions and answers in the use of grinding wheels

Problem a: glass through both sides of the machine after grinding still have broken edge, corner, wheel marks and other undesirable phenomena.

Answer: grinding wheel size selection is not appropriate or function is not good, granularity should adapt to the processing of glass thickness size and processing speed requirements, such as 1,2 grinding wheel installed 80 mesh 140 mesh grinding wheel, grinding 8mm-25mm glass is very good, grinding 5-6mm glass may collapse, generally should choose 100 mesh 140 mesh grinding wheel distribution satisfied with 4-19mm glass requirements.No. 2 should be able to modify the broken edges synchronously and completely cover the wear marks of no. 1. Often no. 2 is ignored and the selected function is poor.

Problem 2: the point of view of the end face of grinding wheel operation is more outwards than the factory point of view, which significantly increases the degree of outwardly low and internally high, and even presents the shape of inner and outer grading steps.

Answer: the front and rear view points are not suitable or the motor is loose. The outer part of the front ring is too large and the rear ring is not operated. The motor view point should be adjusted and fixed in time.

Problem three: the end face of the grinding wheel is close to the level, and even the outer side is high and the inner side is low. After all, the remaining 1/3 of the grinding wheel cannot be used.

Answer: the front and rear view points are not suitable or the motor is loose, the front and outer sides are not operated, and the back ring inner side has a large amount of work, the motor view point should be adjusted and fixed in time, and the processing allowance of the front and rear rings should be reasonably allocated.

Problem four: the outside of the grinding wheel has the touch mark, or appears the end face annular sag, the alloy shines and so on phenomenon, cannot continue to use.

Answer: this kind of phenomenon more present in the chamfering wheel or small diamond grinding wheel 2, 3, the reason is that in the replacement of new grinding wheel or processing glass thickness of big span, failed to timely adjustment of the grinding wheel in a location, the formation of glass directly touch attack grinding wheel lateral, or distribution of the processing capacity far outstrips the size, grinding wheel bear failed to timely shutdown caused by correcting, should refer to the back wheel first, follow up grinding quantity gradually.

Problem five: the whole gear and about 2mm deep tooth will collapse, commonly known as grinding, can not continue to use.

Answer: all geared shuikou groove depth = homework layer height 1.5 mm ring inside of the grinding wheel homework, nozzle with 1.5 mm indicating finish homework layer has cost, to avoid the grinding wheel cost remaining 1/3, by machining allowance or thick glass glass will impact the outside of the grinding wheel grinding matrix, homework side lateral planning have 3 mm high Angle, so the outside looks have spent not over 4 mm, the actual operation layer has cost completely.