How to choose diamond wheel

2019-07-27 163

As an abrasive tool made of diamond abrasive and binder, diamond grinding wheel is widely used in many occupations.

1. The good aspect of metal bond grinding wheel lies in its high bond strength and good abrasion resistance, but it will simply block if it is not good.

2. Resin bond grinding wheel has low bond degree, not easy to block, and high grinding ability, but poor wear resistance and large wear;

Emery wheel

3. Ceramic bond grinding wheel has better abrasion resistance than resin grinding wheel, and can control the precision, but the grinding surface is coarse and the cost is high;

4. The hardness of grinding wheel has a great influence on blockage, and the hardness is directly proportional to the thermal conductivity of grinding wheel, which is not conducive to external heat dissipation, and is conducive to improving machining accuracy and durability;

5, the selection of grinding wheel concentration is an important characteristic, it has a great impact on the grinding power and processing cost, the concentration is too low to affect the power, on the contrary, the abrasive particles are easy to fall, but the best binder concentration range is also the best.