Introduction of several kinds of abrasive materials for diamond grinding wheel

2019-07-27 153

Diamond grinding wheel is a common grinding wheel in grinding wheel comparison, the choice of diamond grinding wheel with abrasive material is also relatively strict, the above brief introduction of several common diamond grinding wheel abrasive material

1, chrome corundum chrome corundum hardness and white corundum adjacent to good toughness (between brown corundum and white corundum), so the grinding wheel cost tolerance and grinding efficiency is higher than white corundum.At the same time, after dressing, the contour of abrasive cutting edge outside the grinding wheel can be maintained for a long time (that is, abrasive cutting edge is on the end plane of uniform circumferential surface).Chrome corundum grinding wheel grinds out the work piece outside is slightly higher than the white corundum grinding wheel, because of the above characteristics, the chrome corundum is suitable for grinding all kinds of high-strength quenched steel, measuring tools and instrument machines with high smoothness, etc., others are also suitable for shaping grinding and cutting tool grinding.Chrome corundum is expensive and should only be used for fine grinding.

2. Single crystal corundum (GD) and micro crystal corundum (GW) have relatively high hardness and toughness, and they should resist cracking during grinding.High toughness for grinding stainless steel and low temperature high speed steel.The effect of high hardness steel is better, microcrystalline corundum has high strength, good toughness, better self-sharpness than single crystal corundum, suitable for grinding stainless steel.Bearing steel and special tendrils can also be used for high finish grinding.

3, black silicon carbide this kind of abrasive is black, also have dark blue, used to make ceramic bond grinding wheel is black.The hardness of black silicon carbide is higher than any other abrasive of corundum class. The water caldron is sharp, but its toughness is low and weak.

4. The color of green silicon carbide is green, and the ceramic bond grinding wheel made with it is also green.The hardness of green silicon carbide is the same as that of black silicon carbide.Optical glass and other brittle data.

5. Diamond hardness is higher than other kinds of abrasives, which is one of the hardest materials known at present. The cutting function is excellent, but the price is expensive, which is important for processing other abrasive materials difficult to process high hardness data.The grinding wheel made of this kind of abrasive material is called diamond grinding wheel. It has many different characteristics from grinding wheels made of corundum and silicon carbide abrasive materials.