Different grinding wheel applications

2019-07-27 154

Use of grinding wheel with different shape

>>> flat series grinding wheel is widely used.According to the size difference, can be used for inner circle, outer circle, stereo, unintentional, object cutting, grooving and self-grinding.Flat arc edge grinding wheel is used for grinding arc surface of workpiece such as tap groove and bearing groove.

>>> flat arc grinding wheel is used for grinding arc surface of workpiece such as tap groove, bearing groove, etc.

>>> flat reinforced arc is useful for increasing matrix to enhance the bearing capacity, more useful and safe to ensure the accurate request of grinding wheel arc surface.

>, >, >, disc three grinding wheel is suitable for public grinding machines of various coordinate grinding machines, object grinding machines and miscellaneous cutting tools.Specialized processing of various specifications of high speed steel and hard alloy material of torsion file, process drilling, dental drilling, milling cutter and gem, ceramic products.

>>> cylindrical grinding wheel is an important use is mounted on the vertical axis of stereo grinding machine grinding solid.

>>> truncated cone grinding head is used for grinding and Angle trimming of various shape grooves.

>>> cylindrical grinding head important grinding inner circle and special grinding inner circle outside and mold inner wall, deburring and so on.

>>> cylindrical grinding wheel with groove is mainly used for grinding drill tip and turning tool. This kind of grinding wheel has a cone dovetail groove, which can be attached to the drive plate of the grinding machine, so it is convenient to use.

>>> double hypotenuse 1 grinding wheel is used for grinding gear teeth and compound rib.

>>> double bevel no. 2 and no. 3 grinding wheels are important to use when grinding external circle and end face.

>>> single hypotenuse 1 grinding wheel is used for grinding all kinds of serrated teeth.

>>> single bevel no. 2 grinding wheel Angle less than 300, used for grinding various kinds of milling cutter, reamer, gear shaper.

>>> single convex grinding wheel is important for the convenience of mounting flange wheel with large diameter and thin thickness.Its use is similar to that of a grinding wheel.

>>> single concave wheel is used for inner circle grinding and stereo grinding.

>>> double concave grinding wheel is used for cylindrical grinding and cutting tool grinding, as well as for grinding wheel and guide wheel of unintentional grinding.

>>> single concave cone grinding wheel is used for grinding external circle and grinding end face.Such as grinding crankshaft journal.

>>> wafer grinding wheel is used for blocking and grooving different process requirements.

>>> other shape grinding head important grinding inside the circle special outside.

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