Key points of mould manufacturing quality control

2019-07-27 156

1) stop product data governance, process data governance, and drawing document governance of useful governance: stop useful product data governance, process data governance, drawing document governance, may guarantee the completeness of documents, the consistency of drawing version;To enable the drawing to reach useful sharing and useful inquiry applications.Can probably set up a comprehensive document management computer database, will the planning drawings of planning, the scattered, bag yesterday meet evacuation, cut off the information pack up application, guard against image file for planning, 2 d, 3 d messy, original, change, the revised version messy, 3 d and 2 d mold drawing data is inconsistent, the plans of the 2 d drawings don't scale, messy and form the invention achievement is not easy to be real-time and real-time correction, forming mold want to change and rework, and cancellations, capital growth mould making, extended mould making labor cycles, influence period.

2) insist on the consistency and completeness of mold drawings, processing technology, and the data of objects: through the process of useful, fine, strict testing, ensure the consistency and completeness of mold drawings, processing technology, and the data of objects.

3) each set of mold planning, production cost must do real-time summary: through the process of useful control workshop things issued summons, useful governance tool scrap;Through the process of accurate mold structure planning, efficient mold processing and accurate parts and components testing, will be useful low mold due to change, training and additional cost, so as to obtain the actual cost of each set of mold, land control mold quality.

4) take into account the plan: the planning, planning, processing technology, workshop environment, human capital and other information inorganic structure, integration, stop to take into account, so that useful and harmonious planning and production, may be useful to ensure mold quality and delivery.

5) establish a set of complete, suitable mould labor management system: establish a set of complete mould labor management system, complete the die labor management process of the product data management, process data management, planning management, schedule management of computer information management system, including die mold set, labor planning planning, process set, workshop duty distribution and product inspection, warehouse management, etc., make the mould manufacture and coherent help information from planning set to completion of delivery can be finished in May all-round tracking management.

6) set up effective form and impact analysis database: set up mold planning, make effective form and impact analysis database, through the process of assembly, notice, computer sharing, add awards, penalties, to prevent the next similar performance.At the same time, it may serve as a reference for quality assessment and planning.

7) set up the processing technology system: set up the processing technology system, summarize the mold complete machine specification, outsourcing parts specification, scale parts specification, self control parts specification, self control scale parts specification, information list, heat treatment parts specification, vulnerable parts inventory and mold consumption, to ensure that the relevant capital can be in place in real time.Joint labor planning management, progress management, ensure that the relevant equipment can obtain useful applications, against staff idle, so that the processing and production of the key may be linked.

8) establish the quality inspection part, strictly measure the wrist, eliminate the "almost" lucky physiology, ensure the precision of the mold processing parts.Useful control of mold quality, according to high and low process records will be useful to the quality of the specific link to the individual.May enhance the planning, operator's responsibility.

9) according to the environment of the company and the customer, determine the scale of the mold planning and the homework instruction of the mold planning of the company and the customer;Mold making standard, mold making homework instruction, mold planning and mold making;Guard against because of personal habits, the old mold ideas do not meet customer requirements of the mold.

10) standard purchase, warehouse and order for delivery, material in and out of storage, object loss report, delivery management, material supply chain adjustment, to prevent delivery.

11) establish an assessment system, train and assess relevant mold planning and mold making staff on time, and invent and build the backbone elite team of the company.

12) the scale of the basic function of the posts, so that people to do their job, talent recruitment, against the game.

13) set up the mold follow up management team: set up a customer - the market - engineering resources - production - stack - injection molding parts, such as the resemblance between the bridge and surveillance, stop specific events and similar skills, comprehensive skills request, understand customer's mold records, summarize the content of the same and accurate stop reach, ministries, to prevent repetition, repeatedly, testing, changes, rework, measurements and time to thrift.Build up the knowledge base of customer business and skills for each customer, and share it with the external company, so as to improve customer service and reduce errors.Follow up and monitor the process of mold production, control the mold test, follow up the relevant materials, check and confirm the sample, send samples, control the mold.