How to select grinding wheel?

2019-07-27 172

1. Good average surface and no crack are the fundamental surface of fine grinding wheel;

2, good packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting bar code is the product of the factory is different from the difference of counterfeit goods;

3. The lower the static unbalance value of any grinding wheel, the better, of course, the greater the difficulty of labor;

4, cutting and grinding as usual discipline is less iron, low wear is too hard grinding wheel, iron less wear is too bad, good connotation character is as little wear, the largest amount of iron, at the same time feel good;

5, for carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, glass stone, because their structure density and fever state is not the same, it is decided to choose the grinding wheel moment there is a difference;For glass stone, there are special glass stone cutting and polishing objects in the market.The solid materials of copper, aluminum and stainless steel are cut or polished pieces with lower thickness or based on zirconium corundum.The cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel profile (non-solid) request to choose a higher hardness of the grinding wheel will greatly improve the life;But on the solid round steel, forging and request grinding wheel hardness is not too high, otherwise it will not move!