Corundum: white corundum

2019-07-27 121

Silicon carbide is one of the most widely used and economical non - oxide high - tech refractory materials in C, N and B.Can be called gold sand or refractory sand.Silicon carbide is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), wood chips (salt is needed to produce green silicon carbide) and other materials in the resistance furnace after high temperature training.

Emery wheel manufacturers to introduce the emery: white corundum

1. Line: the old worker has a slow speed, and the line is relatively circulating. There is no crack in the groove on both sides of the line (especially the cross cross, mesh, and smooth).The bottom of the trench is frosted and there is no obvious strip wear mark.This is because of the thallium and jade sand touch ability grinding jade, and jade sand was quickly taken away by the thallium wheel, can only leave a short wear mark, can not draw out long road.

2, drilling: old workers drilling by the solution of jade sand, hole wall grinding, if the sand coarse will have groove mark, but groove mark is not regular, sometimes not smooth secretion of jade sand will make aperture thickness is not uniform.New work emery grinding tool, high speed grinding, hole wall has groove into spiral shape, the aperture is straight and regular.

3, the window: old workers through the window is in the drilling wire saw, and then cooperate with the jade mortar technology pull jade, along the required shape of the window pull a circle, out of the core window will form.It is characterized by a wire saw pull mark on the inner wall of the window, which must be straight and sharp edge.

4, into the hole: the old manufacturing double-sided impermeable hole, is with jade sand and thallium top gradually grinding (pressure) out.As a result of cutting large, often choose mortar sand grains coarse, so on the inner wall of the hole, will leave coarse grinding phenomenon.The new workers also used the top weight, but the top weight could grind the jade directly, thus leaving spiral grinding marks on the cave wall.

5, the cutting: old workers in the manufacture of snuff bottle and other small mouth large workpiece, using gulf thallium with jade sand cutting.Curved thallium is a steel wire, the lower end into a curved shape, rotating when forming a bore shape, drive jade grinding bore shape.The same principle applies to rip-off and rip-off.As a result, the working chamber leaves a beautiful ring of frosted marks.

6, pressure: the old workers carefully carved, the child with jade sand carefully pressed, not streamline working hours, but eventually due to technical operation, the child can only press soft flat, overall, there are errors, there are depth or subtle wave feeling.New production efficiency is high, working hours are tight, rough work uneven, especially the edges and corners of the treatment of sloppiness;And the machine and tools used for fine work, the ground is especially smooth and error-free.

7, polishing: old polishing uniform, soft and lovely.Old workers did not polish and polishing the contrast, this is because the jade is softer than emery, and mixed with other impurities, the rough surface left after processing more lubrication, although not polished but with polishing surface contrast is not big.


8, round carving: in carving curved round surface, the old workers exquisite without excessive wear, and new grinding fast grasp is not good, arc is not smooth, there will be edge phenomenon.

9, rough trenches: excavation of rough trenches often use thallium expansion cut, the old workers under thallium delicate.New processing is fast, there is transition inequality rough phenomenon, slope has wear mark.