Characteristics of emery wheel

2019-07-27 125

The emery wheel belongs to the super-hard abrasive wheel, which has very remarkable characteristics and advantages compared with the ordinary abrasive wheel:

1. The hardness of diamond abrasive determines the main characteristics of emery wheel, which can efficiently grind hard working materials such as carbide, glass and ceramics, and has the longest service life.

2. Diamond has high abrasion resistance and the grinding wheel wears less, so the longer time it takes to use it. In the grinding process, the size, shape and description of diamond abrasive particles change little, which is more suitable for high precision processing and high production efficiency.

3. After sharpening, the emery wheel can maintain the micro-edge property of grinding particles for a long time. Good cutting performance ensures the small grinding force in the grinding process, and then reduces the grinding power and saves energy.

4, the thermal conductivity of diamond is very good, is conducive to the dispersion of heat, prevent the workpiece burns, cracks and falling blocks and other phenomena, greatly improve the appearance of the workpiece processing quality.

Emery wheel can be divided into: resin bond emery wheel;Ceramic bond emery wheel;Metal bond emery wheel (bronze bond emery wheel)

Emery wheel according to the production process can be divided into: sintered emery wheel (resin binder emery wheel;Ceramic bond emery wheel;Metal bond emery wheel);Electroplated emery wheel;Brazing emery wheel.

The emery wheel can be divided into: emery wheel for grinding diamond;Emery wheel (diamond knife grinding wheel) for grinding carbide;Emery wheel for grinding diamond composite sheet;Centerless emery wheel for coreless grinding machine;Emery wheel for grinding ceramic products;Emery wheel (also known as diamond cutting wheel) for cutting;Diamond saw blade.

According to appearance or shape, emery wheel can be divided into: parallel grinding wheel;Cylindrical grinding wheel;Cup wheel;Bowl wheel;Disc wheel;Edge grinding wheel;Mill, etc.

Due to the characteristics and advantages of diamond abrasive, emery wheel has become the ideal choice for glass, ceramics, gem, stone and other hard and brittle materials and hard alloy grinding.As the progress of The Times, the development of science, the needs of the society, the development of new materials, grinding to high quality, high precision, high efficiency, the development direction of automation, emery wheel up more and more significant, the effect of metal bond grinding wheel for grinding grain of the manipulation of high intensity, long service life, less abrasion, the emery wheel at high speed and ultra-high speed give full play to its high efficiency and high precision grinding processing, and the wear resistance ability of cutting characteristics, especially in hard brittle difficult-to-machine materials more show its significant advantages and widely used.Emery wheel is widely used in various industries, such as aerospace, mould manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, optical processing manufacturing, etc.Nowadays, ceramic materials, optical materials, aero-engine turbine blades, silicon wafer products, etc., are often grinding with emery wheel.

Emery wheel is grinding hard alloy, glass, ceramics, gems and other high hard and brittle material special effects.In recent years, with the rapid development of high-speed ultra-precision grinding technology, higher requirements for grinding wheel, ceramic resin bond grinding wheel can not meet the needs of production, metal bond grinding wheel due to its high bonding strength, good molding, long service life and other significant characteristics and widely used.